What to Get the Man Who Has Everything?

It can be difficult to choose the perfect gift for the men in your life. So often, we find ourselves resorting to ties and socks that, let’s face it, are not the most exciting options. If you’re grasping at straws, consider giving your man an experience instead of an object.

There are several advantages to this: An experience is not going to take up room, and it’s unlikely to be set aside and forgotten. One experience that is a particularly good choice to give as a gift is a massage. A massage is a gift that says you want to take care of your man both mentally and physically. It also gives him a chance to relax and improve his health, all in one quick appointment. Here are 8 reasons that giving your man a gift certificate for a massage is a great idea.

1. A massage gift certificate is convenient and easy to give and receive

Not only is a gift certificate easy to purchase, it’s easy to use. When you purchase a cloud9 gift certificate, it’s even easier. You can make the purchase online wherever and whenever is convenient for you and he can redeem it whenever and wherever he chooses. Also, he can choose the type of massage that is best for him on any given day. Don’t forget, a gift certificate from cloud9 is always a perfect fit! Call cloud9 to enquire about gift certificates that are on offer +65 9432 2223.

2. A massage will help to reduce his stress

Let’s face it, we all have stress. The man in your life has stress from work, stress from family obligations, even stress from commuting. Massages have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, and a reduction in stress is a good step toward improving the quality of his life. Even better, with a cloud9 heavenly massage, he’s not going to have to deal with any of the stress associated with traveling to a particular location for his massage. Instead, his massage will come to him!

3. A massage is a unique gift

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There is a very good chance that most of the men in your life have never received a professional massage. Overall, fewer men than women get massages. This is good news for you, because this gives you the opportunity to give him an experience he’s never had before. Even if he’s had massages at traditional spas, he’s likely never had a massage come to him.  Massage is good for his health.

4. A massage will help to improve his health

Simply reducing stress is a good first step to improving his health, but that’s not the end of the health benefits men can receive from a massage. Massage has been shown to reduce blood pressure, increase blood flow, and relieve headaches. When you think about it, there are few ways to get these many benefits from a single hour of time.

5. A massage will relieve his aches and pains

Whether your man is a weekend warrior or a couch potato, his day-to-day routines are causing wear and tear on his body. Massage is an effective way to alleviate aches and pains from physical exertion and repetitive motions (such as those made when sitting at a computer every day), as well as from sitting still for a long time (on an airplane, for instance). Scientific studies have shown that massage can improve flexibility and comfort.

6. Massage can improve his athletic performance

If your guy is an athlete, you may want to consider getting him several massages. He can schedule a sports massage right before or right after his big event, or in between to help his body recover. Studies show massage before or after an event may improve performance and can reduce delayed muscle soreness and swelling by up to 30%.

7. A massage will give him some much-needed “me” time

With the hectic schedule we all keep, there’s a good chance that the man in your life are not getting much time to take care of himself. A massage gives him a chance to wind down and turn off. Even better, with a cloud9 massage he’s not going to have to block out a huge amount of time to get to and from the spa, since the massage therapist will come to him.

8. Massage can become a tradition

The great thing about massages is that he really can’t have too many of them. He’ll never run out of room for massages, he’ll never have to dust massages, and he’ll never outgrow them! You may never have to worry about what to get him again!


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