Wellness Programs Can Make Your Workforce Healthier and More Productive

If you’ve paid any attention to the world of business and HR trends over the last few years, you’ll know that corporate wellness programmes are becoming a necessity, rather than a luxury. Businesses large and small are introducing these schemes because of the realisation that a happy, healthy workforce is a more productive one.

Employees, after all, are one of a business’ most important and valuable assets. It makes sense for employers to look after them in every sense, providing excellent healthcare packages and ensuring they have access to schemes which can boost their general wellbeing, as well as their physical health.

So how exactly do these wellness programmes make the workforce healthier and more productive? Let’s find out.

Wellness programmes lead to fewer absences

Absenteeism is a real problem in Singapore. 3 in 10 workers are reported to lose sleep because of stress-related work issues, causing them to miss more days of work. It’s also a proven fact that physically healthy people miss fewer days at work. They get ill much less, and can fight off illness more quickly than those in a state of poor health.

Employees focused on their physical and mental health are also less likely to take long-term absences for serious illnesses and injuries. This means companies pay less in sick pay, and staff don’t see their productivity dip as the result of having to take a few weeks or months away from the office. By implementing a wellness programme to boost the general health of your workforce (both physically and mentally), you can help to reduce the risk of absenteeism as well as long-term leave. In fact, studies at some of the world’s largest companies have shown that a great wellness programme can reduce absenteeism by as much as 19%.

Productivity is enhanced with a focus on wellness at work

Research has discovered that not only does wellness lead to fewer absences, it also means that staff members are more productive. It’s common sense that a healthy employee would be better equipped to complete certain tasks, and the statistics prove it beyond any doubt. One study in Australia found that healthy workers are as much as three times more productive than workers who are considered unhealthy. Another study of American employers found that businesses in the US spend as much as $226bn per year on productivity losses that are caused by poor employee health.

A balanced wellness programme, with equal focus on healthy eating, physical exercise and mental wellbeing, can help to enhance productivity across the board, ensuring that all staff members are physically and mentally prepared for anything their job throws at them.

Wellness is inherently social, which boosts morale

Many of the key tenets of wellness schemes include social activities. By offering fitness classes, guided walks at lunchtime or free cooking lessons after work, companies are encouraging their employees to socialise with each other, creating a heightened sense of team spirit and morale which can boost productivity. Healthy relationships are, of course, an important part of general health, so it’s important to encourage staff members to interact and spend time together, not only in the office, but outside of it, too.

Wellness programmes impact job satisfaction

Of course, wellness isn’t all about health – it’s about happiness, too. Corporate wellness programmes have been shown to have a direct impact on job satisfaction and employee happiness. One study found that 67% of employees said having a wellness programme shows that their employee cares for them – and they’d be more likely to recommend their workplace to someone looking for a job as a result. A report by Virgin Health Miles and Workforce Magazine also found that as many as 87% of employees make note of wellness packages when they’re choosing a new employer.

It’s not a stretch to conclude that happy employees are more likely to work harder and be more loyal to the company. Corporate wellness schemes are a great way to make employees happy – and when staff are happy, they’re sure to be more productive.

Wellness schemes can lead to lower employee turnover

As a follow-on from job satisfaction, a successful wellness scheme can also reduce employee turnover dramatically. This means there’s more continuity in each of your departments, which leads to increased productivity. If you can retain the same staff members for long periods, you won’t notice dips in productivity that are down to training new staff members or covering for departed employees.

How you can use wellness to boost productivity

So now that we’ve established that wellness programmes create healthier, more productive workforces, here are a few ways you can introduce wellness into the workplace:

  • Schedule after-work fitness classes that are open to all members of your workforce, whether they’re in the sales department, the financial department or the HR department.
  • Offer cooking lessons, or discounted cookbooks to help your staff learn how to create nutritious food at home.
  • Fitness trackers can be great for motivating and encouraging your staff to get fit – check out our other article on the benefits of fitness trackers like Fitbits.
  • Encourage regular breaks – don’t pressure your staff to be hard at work from the minute they walk through the door until they minute they leave. Breaks refresh the mind, reduce stress and boost productivity.
  • Schedule a cloud9atwork corporate massage for your employees. cloud9 corporate massages can benefit employees by relieving stress, soothing tired and achy muscles (especially for desk warriors) and provide awareness on the importance of living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
  • Remember that socialising can be an important part of wellness schemes. Organise regular team events to create a sense of camaraderie and team spirit.
  • Mental health is just as important as physical health. Consider bringing in a corporate counsellor to provide help and advice to your employees if they need it.

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