Singapore’s First In-home Massage App, Offering Health and Wellness To All

People have been receiving the art of massage therapy for many years. It helps to relax the body, mind and soul. It eases pain and even cures and prevents illnesses; all whilst facilitating recovery.

It is a highly respected and holistic healing method which is being practiced across the world, and now in Singapore; enjoying these benefits and seeing for yourself how massage therapy can help you, just became a whole lot easier…

You may be a business executive, worn out by the stresses and strains of your everyday life. You may be a busy parent, seeking a precious few hours to give yourself a special treat, or you may be a tourist, seeking the very best that Singapore has to offer.

cloud9 has made all this much easier and more convenient, with our recently launched app: We ensure that, wherever you are, whenever you want and whichever type of massage therapy you need, a professional, experienced and fully certified therapist is waiting.

Warren Ong, director of spoke about this unique opportunity to deliver the benefits of massage therapy in a professional and convenient way. He explains “This is a new trend in the market – to offer massage therapy and the incredible benefits to health and wellbeing in a new, fast, and on-demand way”.

With access to the very best specialists in their fields, whether you desire a Swedish, deep tissue, sports, slimming or pre- or post-natal massage, you can be rest assured that cloud9’s guarantee of employing only the utmost qualified, knowledgeable and experienced therapists, would mean that you will be entitled to the best massage on the island!

Over time, so many services that we rely on daily have become app-driven, from the food we consume, the money in our banks, and the transport we rely on. All these important aspects of our lives are now being booked or bought from convenient and easy to use apps. The field of massage therapy is proving just as popular, and a growing need for people across the globe. And now thanks to cloud9, Singapore can finally enjoy its benefits from anywhere on the island.

The only thing that is better than visiting a spa, is enjoying their services in a place that you, or you and your partner, are familiar with – be it your home, your office or hotel. Now with the
app, those services are within fast and easy reach. So if you’re new to Singapore, whether it means being here on business, or on a holiday, and you are simply too busy or find it too inconvenient to visit a spa, the app might just be the perfect solution to your problem. It doesn’t take you long to download the app to receive heavenly massages. They are now just a simple click away.

The app is available for download on the following stores:
Apple AppStore
Google Play