Meet the Massages: Swedish Massage by cloud9

Getting a massage is one of the best ways to care for yourself. Massages help relax you, relieve muscle tension, and just feel great.

Not everyone knows that there are different styles of massage. These styles (sometimes called modalities) have been developed over time to with specific purposes in mind.

When you call cloud9 to get a heavenly massage, you can choose the type of massage that best fits your needs. cloud9 offers Singapore’s best massages with five different massage styles to choose from, including Swedish Massage, which will be explored in this article.

What is Swedish Massage?

When most people think of getting a massage, they’re envisioning a Swedish Massage. Swedish Massage is characterized by long strokes, kneading, and deep pressure on specific spots applied by thumbs or knuckles, all of which are intended to push blood toward the heart. The primary goal of Swedish Massage is to stimulate circulation and encourage relaxation.

Who Should Get a Swedish Massage?

One of the great things about Swedish Massage is that almost everyone can enjoy it. Even prenatal massage is based on Swedish Massage (though prenatal massage, which cloud9 offers, should only be performed by a trained professional who has studied anatomy and physiology as well as the possible complications specific to treating expectant mothers). If you are feeling tense, stressed, anxious, or generally sore, then a Swedish Massage can likely help you feel better.

What Should I Expect when Getting a Swedish Massage?

Before your Swedish Massage begins, your massage therapist will ask you if there are things that are bothering you, or if you would like extra attention paid to any particular part of your body. Feel free to share anything that you’ve been having problems with, even if it seems as though massage could not possibly help. Note that it is very important to tell your massage therapist about any ongoing medical conditions. Also, tell your massage therapist if it is uncomfortable for you to lie in any of the positions that they suggest. The point of this massage is to relax you, and that can’t happen if you’re uncomfortable.

Most of the time, Swedish Massage is performed while the client is partially or completely undressed, depending on the client’s comfort. The client is covered by a sheet and the massage therapist uncovers specific areas while working on them. This massage may take place in a low-lit room and there may be soft music or other soothing sounds. If there is a particular sound you prefer, let your massage therapist know.

If, at any point during the massage, you’re feeling uncomfortable or in pain, tell your massage therapist. Your massage therapist will be happy to work with you to make you comfortable.

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