Love and Wellness – a Match Made in Heaven

Seven Romantic and Healthy Date Ideas for this Valentine’s Day 

February is a wonderful month. The holidays have come to pass, we have found our new year rhythm, and love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and with it comes the opportunity to solidify or renew that sweet loving feeling between you and your partner.

The key to a whole, healthy, and, happy relationship is spending quality time together.  Date nights are an excellent way to carve out a special moment with your sweetheart.

Roses are lovely and fancy dinners out are nice, but how fantastic would it be to think outside the chocolate box and plan a special Valentine’s date, one that aligns with your quest for balance, love, and bliss. This year, ditch the boring date tradition, and turn up the romance, and the adventure, with one of these brilliant and exciting Valentine’s date ideas.

Instead of Giving Flowers, Share a Botanical Experience - Valentines-and-wellness-Gardens-by-the-bay

Flowers are a gorgeous gift. The tantalizing scent and colorful beauty of a carefully selected arrangement is a lovely tradition but lasts a mere day or two. Instead of giving your lover a bouquet, share the unforgettable experience of a Gardens by the Bay date.

Singapore’s botanical wonderland has a magical ambiance, one that most definitely sets a romantic tone.  Explore the Flower Dome, world’s largest greenhouse, and enjoy 1.2 Hectares of exotic flowers and stunning art installations. Take a walk through the enchanting Cloud Garden and share a kiss by world’s largest indoor waterfall. Stroll hand in hand along the boardwalk of Dragonfly Lake to create a beautiful and intimate memory.

By the end of your adventure, you will have worked up a bit of an appetite. Gardens by the Bay has nine restaurants to choose from. Indochine offers romantic rooftop views and an intriguing menu.

Come Together with a Yoga Session

In Sanskrit, the word “yoga” is used to symbolize a connection or a union. What better way to experience closeness with your soul mate than the physical and spiritual practice of yoga?  Even better news, yoga has been shown to improve relationships by dissipating insecurities and opening up the heart chakras to experience authentic and intimate love. - Love and wellness a match made in heaven - Valentines-and-wellness-partner-yoga

Get bendy and centered for your date night with yoga for two. If you need a guide on your yogi journey, set up a private session with a yoga instructor at a local studio. If you are an intermediate or experienced yogi, consider surprising your loved one with a sacred night in. Clear the clutter, lay two yoga mats together, light candles, and diffuse essential oils. Spend the evening embracing your connection with yoga poses designed for two.

Bring Your Love to New Heights - Love and wellness - a match made in heaven - Singapore Flyer iconic getaway for a romantic outing

To look at the world with child-like wonderment is good for both your soul and your relationship.  Indulge your inner-child with a date that embraces a fun factor. The Ferris Wheel has long been an international symbol for sweet, young love. The Singapore Flyer is an elevated version of the fair favorite.

Perfect for an adventurous date night, the Singapore Flyer is the world’s biggest Giant Observation Wheel, reaching heights of 165 meters. There are few different romantic date options available, and a full Valentine’s Day package, which includes over an hour of rotation time.

 Take a Hike

 The couple who sweats together, stays together. Seriously! Keeping pace with your partner on a hike or run forges a deeper emotional connection. Furthermore, the physical responses to exercise are the same as the signs of arousal.  If you get your pulses racing around one another, you subconsciously become more attracted to each other.

Our beautiful country offers countless hiking trails of various skill level, all surrounded with beautiful flora and fauna. Experienced hiking couples can conquer challenging trails, such as the Bukit Brown Trek. Looking for more of a slow stroll? Make it a most memorable date by taking a walk amid the clouds.  Located in the MacRitchie Reservoir Park, the TreeTop Walk is a freestanding bridge that stretches through the uppermost part of one of Singapore’s most stunning secondary forests.

Couples Massage in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Experience total and complete relaxation and body bliss, together, in the comfort of your own home. Let a highly trained massage therapist knead away all of life’s stress and tension, ease your muscle aches, and set your mind and spirit up to receive and give love. - heavenly massages delivered - therapist performing couple massage delivered to their hotel, home, party or event

cloud9 offers an incredible Couples Massage package, sending two skilled massage therapists right to your home, allowing you and your loved one to simultaneously experience the healing and rejuvenating benefits of massage. After your couple’s session, the therapists will quietly pack up and leave you two alone, revitalized and ready for romance.


Jump for Your Love

We’ve already established that exercise leads to romance and strengthens the bond between couples, but let the record state that exercise does not have to be traditional.  A NASA study revealed that jumping on a trampoline for ten minutes is equivalent to thirty minutes of jogging, it develops upper and lower body muscles better than lifting weights, and, overall, is a better workout than swimming laps. Plus, it’s super fun!

Make your love soar at one of Singapore’s many indoor trampoline parks. Most of them feature adult-only sections and other physically beneficial activities such as rock climbing or dodgeball.

Spice Up Your Night

 Make a romantic dinner for two, together.  Cooking at home, as a team, has all sorts of benefits. First off, a home cooked meal is always much more affordable than dining out. Secondly, when you prepare a meal yourself, you choose the menu, allowing for healthier ingredients and moderation.  Finally, making a meal together strengthens your relationship and fosters an emotional connection. - Valentines-and-wellness-aphrodisiacs-200x300In honor of Valentine’s Day, plan a love-inducing menu by cooking with aphrodisiacs. Known to increase the libido, aphrodisiacs make for some great recipes. Start off with an appetizer of Chili and Ginger Oysters; oysters and chili peppers are both love-enhancing, healthful foods. Avocados and pomegranates, two delicious aphrodisiacs, pair amazingly well together in this salad. For a main course, this delectable Walnut Crusted Salmon is full of Omega-3s and aphrodisiac-goodness.

Pair this meal with a bottle of red wine and finish it off with some dark chocolate for a meal that is sure to give you that lovin’ feeling.



The Better You Feel, The Better You Love

Love and wellness are like yin and yang, very different from one another, but oh-so-complimentary. The better you feel about yourself- spiritually, physically, and emotionally, the better partner you will be in your relationship, and, the more authentic love you have in your life, the better you feel. This year, do a little something different with your loved one and make date night an adventure.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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