Just too much going on? Get out there and walk

Had a hard morning at work? Just finished your 2 hour long meeting and there are endless tasks you have to follow up? Feeling extremely stressed, tired with your brain processing and heart racing at light speed! Whenever you feel stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated, taking a break and going out for a walk will help. A walk, even just a short one, gets you detached from everything in your mind. It’s nice to connect with nature and take in the beauty around you. Getting yourself into a short change in environment can calm you down so that you can re-evaluate, think clearly and better plan your tasks ahead.

While you are walking, do consider adding a healthy activity while you walk. You could go to Block 151 to buy a freshly blended juice or go to a nearby 7-eleven, pick up a health magazine and read an article that interests you. Do purchase the magazine if you like what you read ?


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