Healthy, Happy Employees Bring More to the Table

The better your team feels, the more successful your business will be

How would you like to run a thriving business, so successful you can’t keep up with incoming funds? Your employees are super productive, no one is ever late, and a day of work is rarely missed. Your team is truly a team, finding pleasure in one another’s company without distraction. Oh, and your insurance costs? Lower than ever before. Sounds good? All you need is a company sponsored wellness program.

Wellness programs are a no-brainer, all-good idea from a Human Resources standpoint. Any money invested in a wellness program is eventually returned in the form of high productivity levels, employee satisfaction and retention, less sick days, and lower health insurance costs.

Corporate wellness programs are fairly easy to implement. Check out some of these great elements to add to your company’s wellness program.

1. Exercise

If you have the space for an in-office gym and shower facilities, by all means, put it together. If you build it, they will come. Exercise reduces the risk of cardiac issues and diabetes while increasing well-being and energy levels. If an on-site gym isn’t possible, consider striking a bulk membership deal with a nearby exercise facility and offering your employees discounted memberships.

2. Holistic Healing - In office massages, cloud9atwork heavenly massages delivered to your office

Holistic treatments, not always covered by health insurance, benefit employees in many ways. Massage, for instance, relieves back and neck pain, a chief complaint of office employees. Massage treatments also relieve anxiety and stress, while providing renewed energy. Boeing, the multi-billion-dollar aerospace company, offers employee massage because they have found it improves both the mental and physical well-being of their staff. In-office massage is available through cloud9 at work, performed by experienced, well-trained massage specialists.

3. Superfood Snacks

Toss out the ‘ol donut box and replace it with a veggie and hummus tray or a bowl of cashews. Simple carbohydrates, like those found in pastries and sweets, bring energy levels down, and activate a sleepy state of mind, lowering work productivity levels. Snacks high in protein do the opposite, increasing energy and concentration.

4. Standing Desks

Sitting down all day is risky business. Long-term sitting is linked to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. In the working world, desk employees spend upwards of eight hours a day in a sitting situation. A great way to get them off their feet and into a healthier position is a standing desk. Not only will standing desks reduce the risk of weight gain and all the diseases that entails, they also reduce back pain.

5. Flexible Hours

Long gone are the days of 9-to-5. More and more companies are adopting flexible working hours. This progressive scheduling method allows employees to choose an eight-hour time block, rather than being constrained to an antiquated schedule. Set central meetings for mid-day and allow staff to work around that time. With this method, your morning people can be their most productive selves from 6am to 2pm, while your night owls can work happily from 12pm-8pm.

6. Sleep Challenge - healthy happy employees staff welfare ideas - try a sleep challenge with your team - cloud9atwork - heavenly office chair massages delivered to your workplace

So many of us are on the go-go-go that we forget to zzz-zzz-zzz. As much as one might think more waking hours means more working hours, the quality of work diminishes when exhaustion ensues. Most workplace accidents occur because of sleep-deprived employees. Lack of sleep leads to memory loss, poor cognitive performance, and slow reaction time. One way your wellness program can help is with a company sponsored Sleep Challenge. Have employees log their sleep for 30 days, requiring at least seven hours of snooze time per night. Everyone who completes the challenge is entered in a drawing for a valuable prize!

7. Happy Hour Yoga - Happy Employees Yoga program for staff welfare - cloud9atwork - heavenly massages delivered to your office or homeInstead of heading to the bar for cocktails, take happy hour to healthier heights with a weekly after-work yoga session. Depending on your space, you can invite a certified trainer to come to your building and host a class or you can rent out a studio and instructor for your whole team to experience together. Yoga increases muscle and joint strength, while renewing energy and relieving stress.

8. Casual Mondays (or Fridays)

It may not seem imperative to health, but what we wear affects our well-being. Clothes boost confidence and confident employees bring in the most revenue. Consider offering one day a week for staff members to ditch the suits and formal footwear, and come in dressed in what feels and looks best.

9. Host a Company Retreat

Some of the best work is done outside of the office. A new environment can increase creativity and productivity. A company retreat is one way to get out of the office and into some new scenery, while creating a teambuilding bonding experience for your staff. Consider outdoor or seaside venues for a fully rejuvenating experience.

10. Send Out Handwritten Notes

Emails and memos are all employees tend to see. By putting pen to paper, you can cultivate a meaningful experience for an otherwise underappreciated employee. Team members crave recognition more than monetary rewards. If a CEO or manager takes the time to write a handwritten note of appreciation, followed up with a verbal affirmation, employee morale will soar.

There are over a hundred other wonderful wellness ideas companies and corporations can easily implement. The startup investment is very low, relative to the long term pay off. Show your team some love with a little wellness.


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