From Bathroom to Balcony: How to Turn Your Home into a Spa-like Sanctuary

There truly is no place like home. Your house is your safe haven; a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the world, relax, unwind, and recharge. Let your home design style reflect these goals, encouraging a mellow atmosphere by appealing to all five of the senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.

There are plenty of affordable and easy ways to incorporate spa-themed décor in your home. Read through our cloud9 spa-shui guide and use your favorite ideas. Once your spa-sanctuary is complete, all you will need is an experienced massage therapist at your door, which cloud9 will happily provide.


Creating a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom can be as simple as clearing the clutter and adding botanical elements.  Using existing cupboards and natural colored baskets, organize toiletries and essentials, placing them out of sight.  Utlizing natural elements, such as sand and stone, decorate your washroom with intention. Place large plants and fragrant flowers in the room for both visual and scent stimulants.

Treat yourself to plush, white towels and organic soaps and shampoos.  Allow in as much natural light as possible and place a small Bluetooth speaker on a nearby shelf. Run yourself a hot bath, turn on some mellow music, light a candle and enjoy your space.

INSPIRED KITCHEN - delivering best massages to your home, office and hotel. Inspired kitchen

 Culinary creativity and healthful eating are important elements of the wellness journey. Make your kitchen a space of serenity by repainting walls in a bright blue hue and strategically placing live plants on countertops and open shelving.  Keep the counters clear of clutter and organize drawers and cupboards, making meal prep a breeze.

One way to bring a spa-like vibe to your house is by stocking your refrigerator with refreshing fruits and keeping a pitcher Spa Water (water infused with natural flavors) on hand. There is nothing more refreshing than a tall glass of ice-cold cucumber-mint water.

PLUSH LIVING ROOM - quality massages delivered to your home, office and hotel. Plush living room

Beautify your main living room in a tranquil theme by decorating in light colors, like white and ivory, contrasted with various shades of blue and green. Find a soothing and stunning work of art to serve as a main focal piece, and use plants, trees, and rocks as supplementary decorations.  Keep an open area of floor space allowing for both yoga sessions and cloud9 home massage services. Plush pillows, scented soy candles, and a concealed surround sound speaker system will complete your spa inspired ambiance.


Your bedroom should serve as the ultimate sanctuary, more so than any other room in your home. Sleep is essential for the mind, body, and spirit. Make your room an electronics-free zone, banning phones, computers, and televisions.

Instead, carefully place pieces of inspiring art around your personal space. Place a diffuser nearby your bed and fill it nightly with a calming essential oil blend. Open curtains first thing in the morning, allowing in natural light. Invest in a comfortable mattress, high thread linens, and supportive pillows.  If possible, place a ceiling fan above your bed. This one fixture provides both a cooling element as well as a soothing white noise.

REJUVINATING BALCONY - heavenly quality massages delivered to your home, office and hotel. Rejuvenating balcony

The balcony has great Zen potential.  Easily transform your outdoor space into a nature-filled spa refuge by placing a variety of greenery all around.  Trees, plants, bamboo, and herb gardens thrive in the outdoors.  Invest in or DYI a water element, allowing the sound of a working fountain to sooth you.

Hammocks, swing chairs, and oversized outdoor cushions provide comfortable seating that can easily be moved when space is needed.  Furthermore, adding a bamboo or teak table provides countless opportunities to dine al fresco; just make sure to face our chair towards your most scenic view.

If you have a patio or balcony, clear the space when using our cloud9 home and hotel massage service. Visit to book a heavenly massage now. massages are rated one of the best and professional in Singapore with the very best hand-picked therapists in Singapore. Once we set up our plush massage table and have you lay on the high-thread heavenly linens, you’ll never want to have another indoor massage again.  Fresh air, serene surroundings, and a luxury massage treatment? Sounds like heaven on Earth.