There are little, ordinary events and stories that come along in our daily lives that spark our hearts and mind. Zone yourself out over here with hints of inspiration to help you jump start your day ahead.

Become a cloud9 Therapist

Join Singapore’s, soon to be, largest network of massage therapists & clients. Hours of work: flexible hours within our opening hours of 10am-12am, everyday (including public holidays); you set when you want to be available • where you want to work & what you’re worth • earn an average of 2-3 times the industry standard (SGD45-65/hr).

From Bathroom to Balcony: How to Turn Your Home into a Spa-like Sanctuary

There truly is no place like home. Your house is your safe haven; a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the world, relax, unwind, and recharge. Let your home design style reflect these goals, encouraging a mellow atmosphere by appealing to all five of the senses: sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. There are plenty of affordable and easy ways to incorporate spa-themed

10 Wellness Ideas You Can Do At Your Desk

Sitting at a desk all day and leading a sedentary lifestyle can be disastrous for overall health. A study by Regus showed that half of Singaporeans spend more than 8 hours in the office every day, with a staggering 19% of Singapore employees regularly working more than 11 hours each day. Singapore actually has the longest working hours in the world. Spending so much time

Say “Yes” to Something You Would Normally Say “No” to Each Day of This Week

You never know where "Yes" would lead you to... You may say Yes to your boss to have a catch up lunch or Yes to a ball game with your colleagues right after work tomorrow. Instead of having your usual chicken rice, you could decide to pick a sushi box instead. Sometimes, you need to accompany your child to read his favourite story book together rather than

Live fully… now

There is no point planning for a future, which, when you get to it, and it becomes the present, you won’t be there. It’s important that we are able to enjoy the fruits of one’s actions. Live fully… now” – Alan Watts View Volvo’s ad below that could make you re-examine your life’s priorities

Breaking your Digital Addiction

How to take a breather from your devices and enjoy life! “Connection is inevitable. Distraction is a choice.”   – Alex Soojung-Kim Pang You are under the command of a great and powerful ruler. Tethered to your tracking device, deprived of the beauty of the world, you must experience life through digital means. Meaningful conversations, human touch, and stunning sunsets are forbidden. With a millisecond

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