A Luxury Jungle-themed Spa in Corporate Meeting Rooms?

Customer’s Testimonial: You won’t believe the brilliance of Singapore’s trending business perk.

Imagine coming to work, after a busy morning dropping off the kids in school and a long commute in the MRT and bus, carrying an achy and fatigued body and discovering the office space where you spend your entire weekday has been transformed into an all-inclusive high-end jungle themed spa.

A testimonial by Mr Weng Sam, Director of Transcend Solutions Pte Ltd who was interviewed by the wellness culture’s author Nicole Dahl

Sounds incredible?

cloud9, the island’s latest and most innovative wellness group, offers several unique corporate massage and spa packages to businesses in Singapore. Dubbed as heavenly9 spa themes, this trending service is aimed to offer wellness benefit in a transformative spa setting at employees’ convenience.

A pleasant surprise delivered to my office’s doorstep

I am a firm believer that providing workplace health-focused benefits does more than make employees feel good. Businesses who offer therapeutic perks are rewarded with healthier, more productive employees.

With less sick days and more productive work hours, a wellness program is a corporate essential.  Most of the programs I have been a part of offer gym memberships, fitness activity trackers and chair massage days in the office.

Can it get any better than a chair massage? I naively thought that the answer is no. Then I was treated to a cloud9 heavenly9 spa experience in my office and it changed my whole world.

The meeting room transformed into a relaxing sanctuary

As I approached the tall glass doors and entered my office building, I knew it was a special day at work. Human Resources was treating the entire staff to a massage day, one of my favorite parts of our corporate wellness program.

I set my things at my desk and headed to the main conference room, expecting to see the usual row of generic massage chairs.  What I saw blew my mind. Gone were the long meeting tables and swivel office chairs. In their place were professional massage chairs, a massage bed dressed in fresh linens, and a corner single sofa with a plush foot rest for reflexology. Our built-in glass-frosted whiteboards and walls were creatively covered in backdrops of natural surroundings. I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing one of the corner walls beamed with sharp high definition video projection of breathtaking nature scenery.  There was a refreshing botanical scent wafting through the air. I inhaled, held my breath, and exhaled a satisfied sigh. I thought to myself, this is just what I need, right now, right here! cloud9 brought a jungle into my conference room!

cloud9 heavenly massages - converting meetings rooms into a spa

cloud9.sg - cloud9atwork signature oolong tea served to all guestsAgainst the wall that once hosted a workstation for Skype video conferencing was replaced with a table spread of exotic fruits, healthful snack and refreshing beverages. As a tea lover, I couldn’t help but notice some freshly brewed oolong tea with white lily and eucalyptus blend. A small sign beside the pot reads that this special blend is a great contributor to health and wellness, helping to lower bad cholesterol, body heat, alleviate cough, controls diabetes and calm the spirit.  I closed my eyes and took in the soothing sounds of the jungle’s flora and fauna seemed to be sweeping somewhere nearby. I felt I was instantly transported to another world. My body and mind immediately felt relaxed.

Then the magic happened

Our HR rep, Cindy, entered the room and smiled.  I looked at her in disbelief and whispered, “Can the company afford this?” Eyes wide, she revealed to me that cloud9’s spa experience was competitively priced with the standby chair massages that they normally booked. I shook my head in disbelief.

“Go and enjoy yourself, you deserve every minute of this” Cindy exclaimed.

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I was introduced to my cloud9 massage professional, a woman who had spent over a decade working in some of Singapore’s most high end spas.  We discussed my problem areas, my neck and shoulders, and my preferred level of pressure.  There was no need to disrobe; I hopped up onto the super comfortable massage table and let my therapist work her magic.

Oh. My. Goodness.

The cloud9 massage professional kneaded, rubbed, and smoothed away all the built-up tension and muscle aches. Allowing myself to fully relax and enjoy all the elements, I went into a state of heavenly bliss.  I am not kidding when I say, this heavenly9 spa experience was on par with some of the top Singapore hotel spas.

 The Aftermath

As the magical day went on, the office was abuzz with new energy.  Feeling on top of the world, we returned to our work with a new lease on life. This luxury treatment of the senses seemed to ignite a workplace revival.  Safe to say, my workplace will be hosting another cloud9 spa experience very soon.

cloud9.sg is pleased to have delivered wellness to another happy client, Transcend Solutions Pte Ltd. If you like a heavenly9 jungle spa experience in your meeting room too, contact Louise +65 9668 9918 or email us customer.service@cloud9.sg


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