5 Things Employees Want More Than a Raise

Gratitude goes a long way when it comes to running a business

There is a corporate myth floating round that the key to employee satisfaction and retention directly correlates with compensation. Though you would be hard pressed to find a person who wouldn’t be encouraged by a raise, you might be surprised to know, according to market research, what employees really want, more than money, is gratitude and recognition.

As we stray farther away from traditional business constructs and embrace positive work cultures, creative employee recognition is imperative. Based on market research, observation, and experience, here are five things employees crave to feel job satisfaction and appreciation.

Praise > Raise

I’ll never forget my first raise. I worked at a fast food shop selling burgers as a teenager, starting with the actual flipping of burgers and eventually moving my way to the coveted front of house position. I received a few small raises, each under 2% increment. It wasn’t the money that got me excited; that little bit of extra salary wasn’t going to get me anywhere. The source of my pride was the recognition, the fact that my boss saw something in me worth acknowledging.

Praise can be presented in many forms- a hand-written letter, a heartfelt email, or a signed certificate. Let the people working for you know that you see them and value them.

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 Coaching and Investment

Employees, just like all humans, have dreams and goals. Working for someone who encourages those aspirations and creating an environment of support goes a long way. Promote from within and create a management track plan for your staff. Knowing promotions are possible and the future is bright makes for a focused and motivated team of people.

cloud9.sg - Benefits of massage, employee welfare and benefits - 5 things employees want more than a raise with Singapore's best massages delivered to your home, hotel and officeHaving a Voice

Employees are most dissatisfied when they feel unheard or insignificant in comparison to the “higher-ups”. Give your employees a voice and a method to safely use it and watch them soar. This can be done via small group meetings, a suggestion box, or an open-communication policy. Follow through with complaints and concerns. Deliver praise when an employee recognises a peer. Let your people know they have been heard.

Relieve the Stress

Work and work related issues are the number one cause of stress. Cut your team a break by lessening their stress load in the workplace. The best way to accomplish this is with a twofold approach. First, you must remove unnecessary stress sources and second, you must relieve stress caused by the necessary sources.

How does one obliterate unnecessary work stress? Start with your copy machine and printer. Is it well maintained, paper and ink constantly refreshed? There is nothing worse than an endlessly-jamming printer or a copy machine that always seems to be out of ink. Next, hire help. A new-to-the-job-market assistant can be hired at a low rate and assigned to help multiple employees. Finally, watch the overtime, even for salaried employees. Focus on quality of work rather than quantity of hours spent in office.

As far as relieving stress, a corporate wellness program is a wonderful way to combat workplace stress. Encourage exercise, healthy eating and treat your employees to services such as the aforementioned cloud9 spa package.

Implementing these five ways of showing your team appreciation will lead to improved morale and longer employee retention. A raise is nice, and often required, but can’t be doled out every quarter.

Utilise these methods and watch your business grow!


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