15 Minute Morning Exercise Routine to Boost Energy

Surveys have shown that around 60% of us start the day feeling sluggish, causing us to struggle with focus and productivity. When we have demanding jobs and family lives, this inability to focus can mean that we start to fall behind on our day to day tasks, causing us to feel stressed.

The problem is often linked to inactivity in the morning, with many of us using public transport to get to work or driving. In order to boost productivity, try this simple 15-minute exercise routine, which will boost your energy levels and leave you feeling awake and ready to take on the day…

  1. First Five Minutes

Ease yourself in by carrying out five minutes of yoga when you wake. The fluid movements will slowly wake your body and mind, ready for a further 10 minutes of more vigorous exercise. Practice a variety of fluid movements that will stretch out the entire body. Focus on your breaking to awaken the body with a good supply of oxygen. Follow a simple routine that works through various movements, and repeat to get the most out of your short five minute practice.

Try this five minute morning routine:

  1. Second Five Minutes

 The second five minutes should be spent working to increase the heart rate, to get the blood pumping and really awaken the body. At this time of day, it’s important not to shock the body or tire it by carrying out extremely high energy exercises, but it is important to get the heart pumping a little.

Give your body a quick blast with this five minute routine: http://skinnyms.com/5-minute-morning-workout-kickstart-day/

  1. Third Five Minutes

In your final five minutes, it’s time to cool down and get ready for the day ahead. Stretch the body out from head to toe to help relax the muscles and induce a feeling of calm. If you have time, practice a final few minutes of meditation, to help improve your ability to focus further.

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Try this five minute stretching routine:

Finally, finish your morning prep with a healthy breakfast. The ideal breakfast should be high in protein, as well as fruit and veg. One of the best ways to start the day is with eggs and smoked salmon on a piece of whole wheat toast, with a green juice, made from spinach, apple and blueberries.

In following this simple morning routine, you can increase your energy levels, ensuring you get more out of each and every day. To add some variety to your daily morning routine, you may consider adding massage therapy that are provided by cloud9.sg. cloud9.sg provides some of the best, highest quality massages in Singapore. They have a network of over 30 therapists islandwide that are carefully handpicked, professionally certified and skillful in delivering the best massages in the island. Booking an appointment is easy, convenient and can be done via www.cloud9.sg, the “cloud9.sg” mobile app or a simple call or WhatsApp to 94322223.


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